BioMedIT Nodes

The BioMedIT Network builds on three legally independent scientific IT competence platforms: sciCORE, operated by the University of Basel, Unil / SIB Node operated by the University of Lausanne & SIB, and SIS, operated by ETH Zurich

Under the umbrella of the BioMedIT Network project, all three engaged institutions have established high performance computing infrastructures especially designed for sensitive research data - the BioMedIT nodes.

The BioMedIT nodes are local or regional compute centers that provide an infrastructure for securely storing, managing and processing sensitive research data. BioMedIT follows a hub-and-spoke organizational design in which one node serves as the main (destination) node, on which the data is gathered and processed, whereas the other two nodes receive the data from data providers in their proximity and route them to the destination node. This “snowflake” architecture reduces the number of point-to-point connections and contributes to the streamlining of processes. 

To compliment local university or hospital IT services, BioMedIT nodes offer an environment suitable for multi-center research with sensitive data by providing an SPHN compliant secure framework for each project (i.e. tenants, with tenant-specific security configuration), and simultaneously remaining highly flexible with regards to IT configuration within the tenants.

The BioMedIT Network operates a common Information Security Policy. The policy, in conjunction with related Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Work Instructions (WI), defines the necessary organizational and technical measures to allow researchers to process sensitive data in a secure way. Find out more about BioMedIT security.

Node locations; 1 Unil / SIB Node Lausanne, 2 sciCORE Basel, 3 SIS Zurich

SIS - Leonhard Med

ETH Zurich

SIS enable modern research through the provision of first-class scientific computing services. From data management plans to individual consulting and data analysis, SIS dedicate their work directly to researchers, and offer support both in solving problems as well as in planning future projects.

SIS offer HPC, Software Development, Scientific Computing and Data Co-Analysis, Scientific Visualization, Data Science and Machine Learning, and Research Data Management.

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SIS / Leonhard Web Website

sciCORE - sciCOREmed

University of Basel

sciCORE is the center for scientific computing at University of Basel and a technology platform of SIB. sciCORE offers state-of-the-art services for computational and data-driven research: HPC infrastructure, data management and data analysis, including consulting on workflow development, machine learning and advanced methodologies. Life sciences and biomedical research represent the greater part of its support activities.

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sciCORE Website

Unil / SIB Node - SENSA

University of Lausanne & SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

The Scientific Computing and Research Support Unit of University of Lausanne (UNIL) - DCSR  - provides scientific computing resources and high-performance computing (HPC) expertise to UNIL community and its affiliates. Experts at the DCSR provide customized services to all UNIL researchers in computing, machine learning, image analysis as well as in data valorization in humanities.

The DCSR hosts and operates, in collaboration with the SIB, the SENSA (Secure sENSitive data processing plAtform) Node which offers the biomedical researchers a full service for the processing of sensitive data with a tailored computing and storage environment.

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SENSA Website

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